Robbinsdale High School Class of 1966
45 Year Reunion PhotoAlbum
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The committee left to right: Jim Windsberger, Pat Olson Harrier, Mark Sorenson, Gene Posthumus, Jim Nachtsheim, Dave Zieba, Denis Billmyer, Bill Flanary, Jerry Joseph. Missing: Ron Jones, Sharon Strickland Eagles, Monica Johnston Murphy, Rick Riley, Linda Hallstead Hampton
Photo posted by Tom Banke
Photo provided by Neal Rudberg. What time is homeroom again?
Photo provided by Neal Rudberg. Are you going to meet Sally at the dance Friday night?
Photo provided by Neal Rudberg. When do we graduate??
At my son's wedding - Thom Sweet
The front of the Northland Inn, see you all there. Taken by Neal Rudberg on July 12 2011
David Kopstein's View of Heaven.
David and Patti Kopstein on deck of Celebrity Millennium
Terry Jacobs (1988) Newfoundland
Paris 2010
Thanks for the memories - Van and Judy Holston and Bruce Wasenius
The Friday Night Gang, from Neal Rudberg
The Classroom, from Neal Rudberg
The Saturday Night Gang
Katie O'Reilly and Linda (Hallstead) Hampton
Van Holston and Linda (Hallstead) Hampton
The gang from Sacred Heart grade school
Catching Up! Bill Laliberte, Kate O'Reilly and Linda Hallstead
Friendships Are So Important - Barry Morrow and Tom Skinner
We all where apart of it (spelling error on the first one sent)
Thank you all for this event and thank you all for the great lifelong friendships we have all had.
RHS 45th Class Photo at the Northland Inn
Begin Oaks Golfers
Edinburgh Golfers
Two great friends, Kate O'Reilly and Nancy Rose from Neal
Bob Shellum, his wife Teri, and Kate O'Reilly meeting before the Saturday night dinner.
Can we ever get serious?
Thank You all for treating Maria Irene with such KINDNESS. Barry Morrow, Irene Morales and Paul Anderson (from Neal R)
Thanks from Irene Morales and Neal Rudberg
A great athlete and friend, Scott Lisy from Neal - still cannot hit Nachtsheim's curveball
Rory Risk a great athlete who was my wrestling partner and would take me to the mat and a great friend who I will always respect. What an honor. (from Neal)
Is this finally my lettermans Jacket, oh no the name on the jacket is Bill (from Neal)
Bill Laliberte our great leader with friends Jeff Farni and Bill Bohline (from Neal)
Alan Johnson "Mr. IronCross Man" (from Neal)
Neal and Victor Stoner (a great teacher)
Thanks to all of you for protecting our country - our veterans.
Paul Evers
Sue Pearson
Gene Posthumus, Jim Windsperger, Judy George and Jerry Joseph at old RHS.
Bernie Urban and Mark Sorenson
Barry Morrow, Tom Skinner and Tom Walsh
Dave and Linda Peterson and Mike Flynn
Sharon Strickland in the RHS auditorium
The old RHS gymnasium - "on the black line"
Tom Walsh, our tour guide, for our tour of old RHS
The tour group on the stariway
Thom Sweet praying that he will graduate this time.
Judy Hendrickson, Judy George and Diane Chenoweth listening intently to tour guide's instructions.
Every morning its the same thing. Now we're going to be late for homeroom again!
Teacher's Pets - Bernie Urban, Jim Nachtsheim, Tom Walsh and Nancy Bull in the 1st seats of the rows.
When do we get out of here? We want to get strawberry pie at Embers.
Barry Morrow, Dave Zieba, Thom Sweet and Verna Ahlm anxiously waiting for 6th hour to end so they can get a slider at the Clock
Van Holston has heard all this teacher BS before.
Old RHS still looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Hey! Where's my club?
A beautiful Saturday morning for golf.
A great morning to be on the course.
Old friends meet up once again - Bill Laliberte, Barry Morrow, Deni Billmyre and Lee Cornelius.
George Kemp, Jerry Joseph, Tom Skinner and Ron Jones ready to take on the course.
Jim Windsperger and Mark Sorenson on the green.
Jim Windsperger putts for the championship!
Gary Turnberg, Jim Windsperger, Victor Stoner, Mark Sorenson and Tom Walsh on the green.
A view of the food serving area at the Northland Inn
Judy Hendrickson and Jerry Joseph catching-up.
Barcelona Aug.22, 2011 - Lee Stienstra and family
Loving Northern CA - Lee Stienstra and family Daughter Jen on Left, Son David on Right
Mark Sorenson and Greg Weglarz
Al Clark, Bruce Wasenius and significant others
Judy Nielson and husband Larry Stemper
Friends re-uniting
Steve Loe and Ron Jones manning the registration table at the Northland Inn
Pat Olson chatting with Bill Laliberte, with Brad Voelz looking on.
Jim Gearty
Bill Laliberte, Tom Skinner and DJ Thom Sweet.
Sharon Stricklund & George Kemp, with Bruce Batchelor in the background.
Jim Hanson
Paul evers and Diane Chenoweth
Ron Engblom & Karen Derksen
Jim Geraty, Jim Hanson and Judy Hendrickson catching-up
Dick St. Cyr entertaining the table.
George Kemp doing the impossible - falling asleep standing up.
"THe Photographer" - Deni Billmyre
Jim Nachtsheim and Mark Sorenson introducing the committee - can you hear me now? .....can you you hear me now?
Linda Westberg & husband
The great food we had.
Lining up to get their name tags Saturday night.
Judy Nielsen and husband Larry Stemper in the middle of the crowd.
Mike Mooney, Bruce Wasneius, Jeff Murphey and Bill Flanary
Loren Butterfield, Pat Kladek and Sharon Knupp re-connecting
Judy and Van Holston, Joanie Lund and Judy George
Gary and Julie Turnberg, Lynne Lensink and Homecoming Queen Pat Sims catching-up
Classmates reuniting.
Craig and Susan Howe pose with Carol Ann Nelson
Hal Walberg, Deni Billmyre, Linda Westberg and Sharon Stickland
Kate O'Reilly & Deni Billmyer
Earl Johnston and his wife - Earl is from the Robbinsdale Historical Society and was seling his books Saturday night.
Teri Ryder, Guest & Sue Peterson
Alan & GayLynn Clark
Dave Zieba & Guests
Hal Walberg
Pam and Richard Morgan with Jim Gearty
Old friends Rory Risk & Dave Gabbert
Greg Weglarz, Bernie Urban, Bob Hreha, Claudia Carlson and Linda Kuklock enjoying the evening.
Craig Ruschoff and Jim Windsperger helping us achieve our bar minimum tab - Way to go!
Ron Engblom & Pat Klingensmith
The "D. J." & Friends
Linda Forkey
Jim Hanson, Tom Walsh, Diane chenoweth and Ruth Sandstrom catching up
Old friends Jim Nachtsheim and Rory Risk re-connecting
Judy Hendrickson, Ann Dovenberg & Jayne Rydland
Julie and Gary Turnberg, and Linda and Brad Voelz
Jeff Farni, Paul Anderson & Dave Mooers
Fred Jones & Pat Olson
Al Johnson, Carol Ann Nelson & Bill Flanary
Classmates and guests enjoying the great food
Jim Love, Sharon Knupp and Ron Jones with others enjoying the evening.
Bonnie Bowers, Jeff Murphey & Nancy Arthur
Jillayne Jensen & Karen Derksen
The Sacred Heart Boys - Richard Morgan and Jim Gearty
Morris Wee, Linda Forkey, Ann Dovenberg & Jayne Rydland
Bonnie Bowers,and Pat Klingensmith with Ron "Dirty Harry" Engblom in the background
Tom "D. J." Sweet
A Great Tour Guide Tom Walsh (from Neal)
The Music Man Tom Walsh (from Neal R)
This guy followed me around from Noble School, Carl Sandburg JHS, then RHS. A great friend for all these years. (Neal R)
Thanksgiving blessings - Lee Stienstra Scales family
Lee Stienstra Scales with family and friends.
Al Newmann, June 2012 Formerly 17 years old
Now for some good news. On June 22, 2012 in Anoka, Neal Rudberg and Maria Irene Morales-Rudberg had a civil wedding. The big wedding will be in Mexico over the holidays.
Burce Wasenius and Rob MacGregor at what once was old Lee Park.
Bruce Wasenius and Rob Macgregor, Spido and Macbitor, 2012.
Lee Stienstra Scales and husband Marty on a birthday cruise on the largest ship in the world, The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Sea
Deni Billmyer at Machu Picchu, Peru 2012
Deni Billmyer on the Uruguay/Brazil border 2013
Ron, I'll see you one barefoot skiing, and raise you one Makapu'u body boarding!
Leslie Swanson Erickson took a trip to Utah to visit her daughter and went to The Arches National Park in 100 degree weather. This is the Balancing Rock.
Leslie Swanson Erickson's family
Chuck Paulson posted this photo!
Photo sent by Bruce Wasenius of Bruce, T J Skinner and friend Denver
Photo sent by Bruce Wasenius of old friends Bruce and Bob MacGregor in the park.
Still alive and riding! Carl Rippie
Patty and Jeff Farni, Nancy and Bill Bohline, Carol Ann and Skip Dickenson, Pat Harrier and Mike and Pam Link in Cabo
Patty and Jeff Farni, Nancy and Bill Bohline, Carol Ann and Skip Dickenson, Pat Harrier and Mike and Pam Link in Cabo
Two girls not behaving at a concert!
John and Debby
Larry in front of the Opera house in Odessa Ukraine 2013
Larry in front of Golgotha/Calvery Jerusalem Israel 2005
lets go riding
David Kopstein then.
David Kopstein now
I love being a grandma
Memorabilia in a classroom on the Friday night at our old high school - from Neal Rudberg
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