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A view of our room at the Sheraton Minneapolis West, the venue for our 50th Class Reunion. A big thanks to the committee members for their work in decorating the room!
Classmates Jerry Joseph and Kris Newmann getting ready for some hors d'oeuvres. The Pep Club sweater still fits, Kris! Impressive!
Rick Riley, Ron Jones and Linda Hallstead Hampton manning the registration table. Verna Ahlm Peterson and James Rushfeldt picking up their name tags.
Another view of the registration table.
Still another view. Greg Weglarz on the right.
John Branstad, Ann Dovenbeg Zweig, Carolyn Berggren Diamond and Pam Noyes checking in to get their name tags. Is that Shelly Erickson in the dark blue shirt? Yes it is.
Another view. Pat Klingensmith Johnson in the black dress, I believe. Milt Schoen in the white and grey striped shirt
Wendy Lukaszewski and Nancy Rose Bohline purchasing Class of 1966 50th Reunion Tee-shirts as a fundraiser for Rory Risk. Rory's wife is in the background. Fred Jones produced and donated all the proceeds to help Rory and his family.
From left - Mike Proulx, Gary Novicki, Sharon Knupp Novicki, and Liz, a friend of classmate Jim Love.
Jim Love and Dale Olson catching up and enjoying hors d'oeuvres.
Dale Olson, Mike Flynn and James Rushfeldt.
Classmates catching up after 50 years. Craig Ruschoff, Dean Jacobs and Ed Backstrom, with Jim Nachtsheim's head talking to the wall over Dean's shoulder. John Hay and Bernie Urban on the left side.
Another view of classmates mingling.
John Branstad contemplating who he is he going to talk to next. A classmate looking at the board and empty table honoring RHS Class of 1966 classmates who have passed away. Very moving. Thanks to Pat Olson Harrier for getting this board put together, and to Ron Jones for passing this idea on to the committee.
Bill Flanary, Thom Sweet and Tom Walsh holding up the podium while catching up.
Everywhere we go, people ought to know, who we are, so we tell them, we are the Robins, the mighty, mighty Robins, we are the Robins from Robbinsdale!!
View of our great room for the reunion. In the upper left, classmates in line for the delicious buffet. A big thanks to Deni Billmyre for his work with the Sheraton to arrange such a great dinner!
One of the tables. From bottom and left to right - Paulette Batchelor, Gary Schultz and his wife Julie, Wendy L, Dick St. Cyr, Dean Jacobs, Ed Backstrom, Craig Ruschoff and Bruce Batchelor.
Jimmie Hanson, Tom Skinner and his wife Anita.
Another group of classmates and spouses catching up.
Thanks to the donors who helped make our 50th reunion memorable!
Some of the memorabilia obtained from the District 281 Archives currently stored at Sandburg Middle School. Thanks to Linda Hallstead Hampton and other committee members for obtaining this material for our reunion!
Some additional memorabilia.
More memorabilia. A lot of good memories!
More classmates catching up. Standing - George Kemp on the left, Carol Ann Nelson Dickinson in the white top, Gary Turnberg, Mark Sorenson and Jerry Joseph in the middle. Seated are Julie Radzek Turnberg, Jan Zenzen and her husband.
Another view.
Jim Nachtsheim in the green shirt.
Another view.
Greg Steeber in the black shirt and slacks talking to Neils Sorenson and another classmate. Bill Bohline at the bar, and Jerry Holm getting his money out.
Deni Billmyre in the salmon shirt and Thom Sweet, on security duty, talking to classmates.
Bonnie Segal in the black top and slacks talking with Pam Noyes.
Another view. On the left standing at the table, Jim Windsperger talking to Greg Weglarz.
Milt Schoen on the left. Reunion committee members Thom Sweet and Deni Billmyre, and Larry Anderson in the black shirt on the right.
Ann Dovenberg Zweig on the left. Old neighbors Linda Forkey and Neils Sorenson catching up. Neils probably apologizing again for breaking the Forkey garage window while playing basketball in their driveway with Jim Nachtsheim in 6th grade. Jeff Farni and Pat Olson Harrier on the right.
Greg Steeber and Bob Miles at the bar.
Jim Windsperger, Greg Weglarz and Larry Anderson.
Deni Billmyre and Bruce Wasenius catching up with classmates.
Old friends Jim Nachtsheim, Bill Bohline and Jeff Farni. Bill and Jeff did a great job speaking to the group during the short program!
All the way from Germany, Gisela Kirchoff Kellersmann, with her husband on the left, and Louise Stattine Kneeland's husband on the right. Pat Olson Harrrier going over the speech she read for "voice challenged" Jim Nachtsheim, recognizing the reunion committee members. Thanks, Pat!
Old friends Greg Weglarz, Jerry Joseph. Mark Sorenson and Ted Miller!
Deni Billmyre giving instructions to the group. Pat Olson Harrier, Bill Bohline and Jeff Farni getting ready for the program.
Program leader Bill Flanary, on the right, getting ready to introduce the speakers.
Another view of the crowd. Dave Peterson on the right, with the olive slacks and white patterned shirt.
The registration crew - Rick Riley, Ron Jones and Linda Hallstead Hampton. A big THANK YOU for doing this!!
Another view.
Dave Gabbert catching up with friends.
Another view. Some of the old uniforms hanging in the background.
Scott Lisy chatting with Lee Cornelius.
Jerry Holm and his wife, Shelly Erickson, and on the right, Van Holston and his wife.
Another view of the room.
Standing, Dale Olson visits with Joan Lund Loe. Joan's husband on the left, and Dave Mooers and his wife seated on the left.
From the left - Ted Miller, John Branstad, Jim Windsperger, Jerry Joseph, Mark Sorenson, Greg Weglarz and Linda Hallstead Hampton.
Seated from the left - Giseal Kirchhoff kellersmann's husband and Gisela, Louise Stattine Kneeland's husband and Louise, Pam Thon Link and Mike Link.
Seated on the left - Brad Voelz and his wife; Earl Netwal on the right.
Another view.
The buffet line.
Connie Ahlm Pratt in the middle at the buffet line.
Verna Ahlm Peterson in the middle at the buffet line.
Fred Jones, Deni Billmyre, Gary Turnberg and Bill Bohline.
The desserts! The cheesecake and layer cake were great!!
Another view of the room taken while we were eating. The slide show is in the upper right.
Another view of the room.
Mike Fiterman, standing, chatting with James Rushfeldt, Neils Sorenson, Jerry Holm and Jerry's wife.
Our DJ, Thom Sweet, getting ready!
It took the photographer 10 minutes to get us ready for the class photo, then Fred Jones, Carol Ann Nelson Dickinson and Bill Laliberte wandered in!
Thom Sweet and Brad Voelz catching up.
Phil Thorn, I believe, in the blue shirt, with Jeff Farni chatting with Dale Olson. That's Pat Sims Farni talking with Pam Thon Link.
Shelly Erickson and Bill Bohline catching up with Ann Kuperman Covin and her husband.
From the left - Ron Jones, Rick Riley, Neils Sorenson and Dave Moores wife.
In the middle of the three, Linda Jeronimus Ballou, from Cooper. On the right, Pat Olson Harrier, Joan Lund Loe and Linda Forkey catching up.
This is what makes all the work so gratifying!! - The smiling faces of some of my old friends - Ann Dovenberg Zweig, Pam Noyes, Nancy Rose Bohline, Neils Sorenson and Dave Gabbert. Cannnot get any better than this! Even the Robin is smiling.
Attendees at Cooper Class of 1966 50th reunion, held at the Sheraton the same evening as ours!
At the Sept 8, 2016 RHS Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony, HOF chairman Mark Sorenson addresses the group. The event was held at the Osseo American Legion club.
Our classmate Doug Roalstad was one of this year's inductees. Doug did a great job with his speech!
Doug with his HOF plaque. He is pictured with John Jacobson and Wally Langfield from the local Northwest cable TV channel.
Jim Nachtsheim briefly thanking the HOF committee on behalf of his brother John. John, a 1958 RHS graduate, was also inducted into the RHS Athletic HOF, but could not attend the event due to health reasons. Mark Sorenson, in the background, read John's acceptance speech. A big thanks to Mark!
Jim Nachtsheim holding brother John's plaque.
The 2016 RHS Athletic HOF class. That's Larry "the Ax" Hennig next to Doug. On the lower right, Father Walter Sochacki represented his dad, the late "Red" Sochacki - long time basketball coach, Phy Ed teacher in District 281, as well as Mayor of Robbinsdale.
Sharon Stickland Eagles and Monica Johnston Murphy joined Jim Nachtsheim for lunch.
Doug Roalstad was supported by several brothers and sister. Yes, that's Fred Jones on the lower left.
A view of the great turnout for the Athletic HOF event. That is John Nerdahl, a HOF inductee, standing on the left in the red shirt.
Classmate Linda Hallstead Hampton working at the HOF registration table. I believe that is Sharon Miller Moody, classmate Ted Miller's sister, in the blue top.
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